It's been a minute!

100 years for 100 days

It's the 100th day of school for Junah & Ginny!

100th day of school 2023 - 1

So, naturally, it's "Dress Like You're 100 Day"!! Aren't they just the cutest old timers?

100th day of school 2023 - 2

I only wish you could see that this 100-year-old "grandma" has also lost her first tooth!!

I just had to leave you with a smile on your face. We begin our journey later today! Thankfully, the bad weather that's been threatening our departure for days (6-8" of snow, at one point) is fizzling.

I might post while we're in Mexico, who knows... if I don't, I'll see you on the flip!




I am laughing SO HARD!!! Jun & Gin have to be the best 100 year olds EVER. So clever and so cute. Glad your departure weather has cleared. Have fun!! And safe travels.


These pics are hysterical! I love it. Have a great trip, and thanks for making me laugh.


Oh, my goodness. So much FUN! (Gin is Feeling IT.) Have a great time in Mexico!!! Bon voyage!!! XO


These pictures are wonderful and the kids are just the cutest! Have a wonderful time in Mexico!


I hope I look half as cute as Jun and Gin as I age! I hope you have a wonderful, warm relaxing time in Mexico!


I will always delight at seeing kids dressed as old people (or at least as their idea of old people)! Safe travels!


These are utterly delightful! And what a fun take on 100 days of school! It seems most appropriate that Gin would lose a tooth for the occasion!

Have a fantastic time, Vicki! XO


So fun ... and y'all are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!


"Dress like you're 100" is a hilariously genius thing for a school to do! Your two made the most of it -- adorable!

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