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Unraveled Wednesday: 5 Point Bomber

I need a hard reset

I got in the car this morning and wondered, "Is this even real? Yesterday??"


I was going to be working on tax-related tasks and thought I'd throw in a load of laundry, too... nothing extraordinary. A little while later, I went in to transfer said laundry from the washer to the dryer but I could see that the washer was still full of water and then noticed an error code, which ended up having to do with draining.

So, we checked the drain... all clear. I reset and thought I'd try a quick "rinse & spin" cycle. A-ok until we got to the part where it should drain and spin... no error code, but an unusual grinding noise and no draining or spinning.

I'll spare you the play-by-play, but suffice it to say that I drained the washer twice (what a fantastically tedious task that is) and flooded the laundry room once, using up every towel at my disposal.

A repairman is coming tomorrow.

Did I mention sleet & freezing rain? Weird gusty winds from the NE? The drip that appeared in the kitchen right around the time the laundry room flooded? The few minutes that I misplaced the plug for the stupid washer drain hose and my vessel was filling fast?

There were swear words.

I loaded up the wet laundry from the washer and another basketful of all the wet towels and headed over to Ann's. I wore Yaktrax!

I lost myself in an afternoon of space adventure with Picard, accompanied by knitting, while getting all that laundry done. I'm halfway through the third row of that new blanket! I've been contemplating whether I'd pack it to take to Mexico... but it might actually be finished by then. Wouldn't that be great?


After the slushy mess of the day, it snowed a little last night. Sometimes there's a lot of traffic in our backyard and sometimes not. Last night there was a lot!!

Wish me luck with the washer repair! (Trust me, I've already done a little online investigating in case it's not easy/too expensive to fix.) (And then say a preventive prayer for my dryer, which must be going on 20. The Neptune washer was a POS but the dryer is a champ!)




I am wishing for that hard reset for you, along with sending lots of good washer repair juju! I'm glad you can use Ann's washer and dryer for laundry backup, but it would be much easier if you didn't have to wear Yaktrax. I know how it is to start offering preventative prayers for the appliances that are still working correctly. We have a 35-year-old freezer that is still going strong, but I offer thanks and give it a little pat every time I open the lid.


Ooof, that's a lot for a day! Sounds like your time at Ann's was a silver lining, though, and gave you the excuse to sit and knit while you waited on those towels. I hope the repair is fast, easy & CHEAP!


I am sending all the good washer repair juju I can muster your way!

It can only go up from here, right? XO


Oh, Vicki. I hate "streaks" like this . . . I'm sending ALL my best juju your way. (I'm so glad you had Anne's laundry room kinda close by. But what a freakin' hassle . . . ) XOXO


Ooof, that's a lot of headache for one day! I am so thankful you could take the laundry over to Ann's and finish it up there. All things are crossed for a successful and easy repair!

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