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My sister Ann & her family departed for Peru very early this morning. It's been so great to have her/them around so much and it was a nice break from the Airbnb grind. The boys were back & forth to Madison quite a bit, so they never even had time to get bored. Ann did a few little projects around her house. Addy & Rusty made great progress on a Little Free Library that will get installed over there this summer. And I really enjoyed getting away to Boston with Ann.

On Thursday afternoon, Rusty & I will head to Chicago to more easily catch our early morning flight to Mexico on Friday. There are a couple of art events in Todos Santos, plus the installation of the giant mural he painted, but there should also be plenty of time for soaking up some warm weather & sunshine... and relaxing!

After that, things are going to be pretty quiet around here until mid-summer when everyone's back, including Kate & Maddy!

I have a Musselburgh that's growing quite nicely, and it'll make great travel/vacation knitting. I'm also starting another blanket project using a stash of mini skeins that I've had for a few years. It's still in the planning/will it work/will I like it stage and portable, so I'll be bringing some of that along, too. It's destined to be a graduation (!!!!) present for Mack!!!!

In other news, I found buttons for the kids' sweater in Boston and finally affixed them on Saturday night.


I took a few pictures yesterday. Davy's the cutest little stinker...


Did you catch that on the IG last week? I'm so excited. Stay tuned!!!




I'm glad you've got Mexico to look forward to after Ann and her family departed. Art, sun, and warmth sound wonderful. Davy is adorable and it will be his turn to wear the sweater soon enough!


Davy is so adorable in the sweater! I'm sure it'll fit as it's supposed to in the blink of an eye with the way that kids grow, though.


I just love the perspective . . . first seeing Junah modeling the sweater (must have been on the IGs), and now seeing it on Davy! What a clever idea, Vicki -- to knit a sweater-for-the-grandchildren with the intention of handing it down. It gives me warm feelings and makes my heart happy! Have a fabulous time in Mexico! Soak up some sunshine for me, okay??? XO
(And every time you mention "Mack" and "graduation" in the same sentence, I kind of have a heart palpitation. How.Can.This.Be?????)


I too am awed by that perspective... Junah is looking so grown up, and seeing Davy wearing it made me a bit verklempt! Watching this sweater make its progression through your grands will be wonderful... and what stories that sweater will have to tell!

ENJOY Mexico... yes... soak up all the sun! XO


I'm glad you had such a great visit with Ann . . . and Dale and I, too! (Must get photo of his phone to send you) The sweater is awesome and Mexico will be such a fun time, all that warm sunshine will be most welcome I'm sure.


That sweater! And I think I'm in love with Davy. Junah sure does look grown up. It all happens so FAST, Have a fabulous time in Mexico and safe travels. Curious about your new blanket project....


So great to see a post here! and that sweater ... how cool to know that Davey WILL be wearing it in another 5 or so years?! Have fun in Mexico - and thank you in advance for all the sun and sand i'll get to experience vicariously :-)


I've been missing posts-Covid laid me low for January- I'm just getting back on my feet. The boys modeling the sweater are so wonderful-Can't wait to see it move down the line to each kiddo.Have a fab time in Mexico. Sad that Ann had to leave so soon but you had a great time together.

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