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Artsy Weekending

Rusty was in Sturgeon Bay Friday night -- doings for a current exhibit at the Miller Art Museum. (Looks like he'll be going back on Monday... I better remind him!)

When he got back on Saturday, we jumped in the car and headed down to Fond du Lac's Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts for the Wisconsin Visual Artist's member show (which he forgot to enter!).


There were a lot of great pieces but this one struck me in particular... maybe because I'm starved for flora & fauna at the moment! It's a mixed media piece called Summer Bearer, by Kristin Gjerdset.


Unfortunately, I did not get the details on this piece, but I can show you a detail of what it's made of...


...stuff that others might put in the burn pile! The textures are incredible. I have no idea how that was transported! 

By Sunday afternoon, Rusty had the pieces marked and the stretcher frame all put together at the studio. I went up to do a "test hang" and am delighted to report that we're right on the money.


It's going to be great! Next step is packing up all the pieces & hardware and get it shipped. It's still over a month until we return to Mexico, but it can take a few weeks for parcels to arrive, so the sooner the better.


I had forgotten that Sharon made him a crock for his paintbrushes. It's been in use for a while!




You guys are an artsy family and I like the latest art you've shown us! I googled Kristin Gjerdset and saw some of her lovely monarch nature studies and a painting called "Milkweed Night Folk" I especially enamored of. Thanks for sharing your artsy weekend!


Oh my! Lovely!! Thank you for introducing me to Ms. Gjerdset! I have really enjoyed poking around her website!

I love Rusty's paintbrush pot! :)



That buffalo is amazing! It's especially impressive that it's held together given how fragile it must be. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing (smooth shipping?) for the frame!


Thanks for sharing your artsy weekend! I love the buffalo! WOW. Just . . . the work some people produce. It blows my mind. And I love Summer Bearer. It's so . . . fresh and so appealing right now . . . in the always-dreary last days of winter. XO


The buffalo is fabulous!! Amazing stuff. Great crock for Rusty's paintbrushes. And best of luck on the shipping of the frame. I'm off to check out Kristen G's website. What a fun weekend you had!

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