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We had a great Sunday afternoon celebrating Malina's 5th birthday!!


She's such a delight!!

Her actual birthday was Saturday and we were supposed to go then, but...


...Mother Nature threw a few more snowflakes than expected our way! Rusty estimated 14" at one point and it was still falling... I'm guessing about 16" total, plus wind so there were some crazy drifts in a few places! There are still a few snowflakes showing up here & there in the extended forecast... I am so done.




Ugh! I guess I won't complain so much about our gray, damp days because ours don't contain snow. How is Malina five?! However it happened she is a lovely, amazing, wonderful five-year-old!


SO sorry about that freakin' snow! I can't believe Malina is five! What a little sweetie she is.


Oh no! We had a Spring storm - but just thunder and rain...thankfully no snow.

Malina is the cutest and like everyone else, I have no idea how she is five already!!!


Time flies, wow! What a delightful five year old! :)

But that snow... triple ugh!


That's a lot of snow! I'm glad it didn't stick around too long (I guess Mother Nature had a feeling it wasn't going to be too welcome). Can't believe Malina is already 5! She is so full of fun energy. I hope she had a wonderful birthday celebration!


I know folks are probably tired of me being a snow cheerleader, but, that's just who I am. ;)

Also, if they existed "back then," my daughter would have begged for a pair of those sunglasses.


oh UGH. and what a bright spot that Malina and her smile are!! Happy FIVE!!

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