Mom, does this still fit me?

Right now!

When in doubt... let's look at what's happening Right Now! It's been a while.

Enjoying... actually, that's Rusty's Old Fashioned, but I enjoyed smelling it... all that citrus and those boozy cherries! We went down to my favorite local spot last night -- 313 Dodge -- the main reason was to purchase a gift card but why not enjoy dinner & drinks while we're there?? It was so good. They were so busy! Rusty commented on all the "hen parties," and he wasn't wrong... I spotted only two other men in the main room. I wondered whether/how the weekend mix might differ -- more couples/date night, perhaps. I might have to do the research!

Excited about... all the girls being home again this summer! Kate will be arriving in just a month-and-a-half and will be here until the middle of July. Maddy will be here from the end of June through July. There will be some overlap!

Not excited about... road construction this summer... as in on the street where I live! Oy. I'm excited to have a nice new street with a sidewalk on both sides and real curbs, even, but what a pain. We just learned this week that the timeline is way earlier than we thought, so I had to inform all of our summertime guests of the possibility that they may not be able to actually drive up to the house. So far, all have taken it in stride. Even though Ann's house is only a few blocks away and just around the corner, she won't be affected by this event... until next year! They've already begun removing some trees in the greater neighborhood -- I'm happy to see that it's not all that we feared would be axed -- and installing new power poles.


Knitting... I wouldn't say that I've become a monogamous knitter, really, but I feel a bit more focused in the past few years, especially where big projects are concerned, though the occasional gnome or hat might show up, too! I found this random accidental shot in my camera roll this morning. I should be starting on the 7th and final row over the weekend. Woohoo! Then a boatload of ends to weave in and a border to knit. Hoping to spend some quality time with my Temperature Blanket after that, though Nell's new Resolve (Rav) hat pattern looks so fun and I have a bunch of MDK Atlas to use up! Oh, and now this... Poule de printemps (Rav) that I just spotted as I was linking to Nell's hat... a free pattern for cute knitted chickens? OK!!

Listening to... Spotify's AI DJ, and I'm not disappointed in what it's serving up. I don't have to think, there's a lot of variety, it's both familiar & new, and it never ends.

Looking forward to (#1)... Today's arrival of long-term guests in my Airbnb -- they'll be here through the end of June! It's been extremely quiet -- do I hear crickets? -- for both Airbnbs so far this year. I was quite happy for the extended break from all the laundry, cleaning & bed-making... now I will enjoy a prolonged "break" with pay! haha. Ann has someone coming this weekend, too, but the house has been clean, ready & unoccupied for so long that I have to DUST!

Looking forward to (#2)... A return to Mexico in just a few weeks! The stretcher frame has arrived!


Making me laugh... that ridiculous meme made me laugh out loud! It doesn't hurt that the woman resembles a few people I know...

Organizing... Normally, at this time of the year, I'd say that I'm (still) organizing our taxes but guess what? They're DONE!! I'm still waiting on the last few questions (for the very last time ever) from Ali's tax preparer... I am so looking forward to the end of that chapter & book!

Planning... a quick weekend road trip to Minneapolis with Kate in early June -- another #whirlwindarttripwithkate which will also include a dinner reservation at OWAMNI. Kate was introduced to "The Sioux Chef," Sean Sherman, several years ago when he operated a food truck and was serving at an art event that she attended.

A few years later, he published a cookbook, The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen -- which I was absolutely delighted to see on a shelf of "Cooking Books & Magazines of Historical Significance" at the Peabody Museum, alongside The Joy of Cooking, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Stalking the Wild Asparagus, The Moosewood Cookbook, and How to Cook Everything, among others. There are more bookmarked recipes in that book that in any other that I own, though we've only made a couple so far (Wild Rice-Crusted Walleye is one of my standy-by favorite recipes). And now he's opened a brick & mortar restaurant in Minneapolis, which has been on our radar/list since forever. Can't wait!

Watching... We're enjoying the new/last season of Sanditon. I've actually tuned into broadcast news a few times over the past couple of weeks. The Voice -- my guilty pleasure; I love the new guys, Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan.

Wishing... a happy weekend to all!!

Wondering... What's up with you right now!?




I may have to knit a hen or two…so cute!


I'm in awe of that blanket you've almost finished! and looking forward to see what distracts you once you're done with it ;-) sounds like your summer is going to be full of fun and I can only hope the AirBnB folks don't disrupt your plans too much!


Your blanket is looking good and I hope you get plenty of knitting time this weekend. I think you should have to go to 313 to do the proper research! I'm glad for long-term Airbnb guests and especially glad that everyone will be home this summer! Have a great weekend (and no more snow).


That blanket gets more amazing every time I see it. And I love that shot of the gerbera daisies, they are such cheerful flowers. I'm so glad you'll have everyone home for a period of time this summer. And those little hens are VERY tempting!


Oh, those hens are fabulous! I could totally see myself knitting up a bunch of them and leaving them in random spots for my daughter to find. (Many years ago, when she got her very first tablet and learned how to send an email, she sent me a message saying "I love your chickens!" followed by a line of chicken emojis. We never figured out what that was supposed to mean, but it's become a family joke.)

Can't wait to see that amazing blanket finished!


Okay. Those hens . . . so stinkin' cute.
So many good things in your post, Vicki. Except, of course, that street repair nonsense. I'm sure it will be nice when it's complete -- but . . . GAH! The hassle factor is just MAJOR.


Those hens are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!

I am so thrilled your girls will all be home with some overlap! That is the best of news!

But street repair... oy. I am so sorry and hope it will be over soon! XO

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