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Hey Nineteen

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First of all, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Secondly, Happy 18th Quit-iversary to Me!!


(I wish you could see that Ginny is wearing the 5 Point Bomber!) I had a great day last Friday at the kids' school for "Special People Day," including a visit to each of their classrooms, an art fair throughout the halls, lunch, and a performance of the all-school musical. Having missed the Christmas concert because everyone was sick, and overnight snow on Thursday threatening cancelation of last week's events, I was incredibly happy to be there... after a 2-hour snow delay! The show must go on!

They were all so happy to show me everything and, boy, they sure do love being there! They've had Spring Break this week but they're ready to go back... Ali sent a photo this morning of Ginny & Malina playing school at home.

Anyway, I took the big kids home with me on Friday for an overnight.


It was chilly, but not windy, and the sun was strong enough to melt/dry the pavement, so the girls spent some quality time chalking up the driveway!

On Sunday, I buckled down and got a grip on the bookkeeping/taxes. Still buckled in and ready to get that all over with.

Monday morning, I started my car and immediately the tire sensor thing came up... clockwise, from the front driver's side, I read (something like) 37, 36, 36, 1.

"ONE?" I said to myself. "That must mean it's flat!"

Sure enough. As flat as could be. I called work, called the tire place but they don't open until 7:30/8, while Rusty used my handy air compressor to get a little air into the tire. Usually, I'd have just taken Rusty's car, as his habit is to walk to the studio, but he had to go to Sturgeon Bay for an event. Finally, my brain cells started working and I remembered that Ann & Brian have a vehicle a few blocks away and are very happy for us to take it for a spin now and then. That meant that I could put off our repair until Wednesday, my day off -- much more convenient (and way less frantic) for everyone.

It was another screw. I swear, my tires are magnets... I've never had a vehicle in for so many tire repairs, and it's always for something like that.

I have finally been felled after months of warding off every illness that the people around me have had! I felt it come over me on Wednesday afternoon. Sore throat, stuffy head, runny nose... negative Covid test, anyway! I'm fine but I'm looking forward to the weekend... hopefully to wrap up taxes, but mostly to sleep in!

I hope y'all have had a great week, and wishing you a great weekend!




I love that first picture and I bet you have the most cheerful and colorful driveway in town! Here's to a weekend of sleeping in, catching up, feeling better, and finishing taxes.


Oh geeze - feel better soon! Love the kid pictures. Not only are they a hoot, and talented and fun, but they are photogenic too. Is the 5 point bomber already too small for Jun? I did see Gin wearing it on IG - fabulous! Glad you had a tire solution fairly easily and I wish you ease with your taxes.


I'm sorry you're sick, but I'm glad it's not the 'vid and I hope you're back to 100% soon. I love hearing about the grandkids' enthusiasm for school -- I hope their teachers know about that! I hope the weekend is full of rest, recovery, and zero screws.


Happy Everything to you! And get well quickly.


It says everything about your relationship with your grands that they wanted to share their school with you! That's too bad about the tire repair but I'm glad you found a quick temporary solution. And I'm sorry you're sick! I've had the same sort of thing for over a month now. Negative for COVID (I even had a PCR test) but still coughing and my voice is still off this many weeks later. I hope yours doesn't linger!


Well. UGH to the feeling bad and to the flat tire! (At least "screw repairs" are generally quick and cheap to fix.) (But, man . . . what a hassle.) I'm so glad the kids are loving school -- and I'm especially thrilled that you were able to make the most of "special people" day. What a treat! :-) Here's to a good week ahead -- with no unpleasant surprises and good health all around. XO


I am so overjoyed to wish you the happiest Quit-iversary ever! That is a phenomenal feat!

And those kids... my gosh, they are growing so quickly!

Here is hoping that your tire magnet moved to another vehicle while it was being repaired! XO

Helen Mathey-Horn

Your car and ours...several times the low pressure had turned out to a nail/screw. We're careful when we see construction in our neighborhood, but still, arg.

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