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Mission accomplished



You've made an absolute heirloom, Vicki! It looks so cute on all the kids -- even Davey!


I just finished reading the article at MDK and it's brilliant - your idea, the kids contributions, your knitting, and all the photos of the kids! Well done (and now you can tell the grands they're famous)!


Boy was I excited to see you on MDK this morning! I'm sitting here saying "I know these people! I know them!." Of course it's "know" as in internet "know" but still. So cute those grandkids and so great the sweaters; Proud to "know" you.


Yup - I'm another who saw your post on MDK early this morning. Well done you!! I love this so very, very much and the kids! They are simply fabulous (and so creative!!).


Loved the article on MDK and love how the sweater turned out. The quality of the yarn shows through and your creativity is beyond beyond! The grands have it too, so obvious in the way they colored their samples. You are an inspiration as a knitter, an artist, but mostly as a loving grandmother :)


You are just SO AWESOME!!!! Enjoy your FAME, Vicki! XOXOXO


You are indeed all kinds of AWESOME, Vicki! I loved reading your post on MDK early this morning!

(And thank you so much for sharing this awesome news with Unraveled!)



Congratulations. The sweater is lovely but the kids steal the show. So sweet.

Carolyn Cribb

Please tell me how you determined sizing since the pattern is written for an adult. I would love to make one with my grandson choosing the colors. Thank you


Okay! So you made a sweater so epic it will be a blast for all the kids to wear now and forever! Will there be more? The kids look so happy to have a sweater they helped design. You're an awesome g-ma!!


It's such an awesome sweater (that I got to see in person!!!) and you deserve ALL of the accolades coming your way!

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