So close in so many ways

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Mitten time was overtaken by Mack time yesterday.  My nephew came to town (with his mom) for an impromptu visit -- it's my stepdad's birthday tomorrow -- they'll be here next weekend, too, for Michael's birthday celebration!  Can never get enough Mack.  Or Michael.  Or celebrations.  Mmm, cake.  ; )

Look how close I am to finishing!  It was getting to be a tiny, tight circumference and a little frustrating with all those needles -- not mixing well with being a little bit tired and not in my favorite spot (which had been overtaken by Maddy & friends).  I will definitely finish and move on to thumbs today, though... but look at how much of the dark green yarn I have left!  I may end up frogging my little swatch to reclaim enough yarn to finish.

If you have not been over to the Knit Like A Latvian blog in the last couple of days, go now, I'll wait.  Nessa Z. has finished her mittens and they are GORGEOUS!!  I have another black-and-white mitten from Willi in Berlin that I will post there soon.  So interesting -- it looks like she did a little entrelac for the cuff!

Speaking of entrelac, that reminds me of Kathryn Alexander...  who I actually met in person (couldn't keep my eyes off that amazing hat, so I photographed it) (oh, how I wish I was a hat person!!)... she wrote that she has new/more hat kits... THE hat... on her updated website.  Oh, I love that vest, too... and socks coming soon!  ; )