Spring Vacation

At this time last year, we were prepping for Spain & Cornwall. What a trip that was! Las Fallas is again underway in Valencia, as we speak, and Ann has a full house over the next couple of weeks. I've been following some hashtags on IG. I can't imagine anything that would top what we saw last year in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento for La Cremà... it will be spectacular, no doubt. Oh, I've been pining...

Luckily, it's only five more sleeps until we're on our way to Mexico... sunshine and upper-70s to low-80s. I'm a-okay with that.

It's going to be real hard not to cram this Nightshift project into my suitcase:


I'm following the section-by-section pattern (at the moment, anyway). And have just switched my "background" color.


I wasn't very in love with that lighter blue color, but now? Knitted up? With those other colors? I love it!!


Maybe Rusty will have some room in his suitcase...


3TT: Nightshift Knit-Along!

Joining Carole & friends for Three Things on Thursday...

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Nightshiftkal2020-badge3 - Blog Image


I started a Ravelry Group for the Knit-along: Nightshift KAL 2020! I wasn't going to do it... so much on my plate, time's short, loose ship, blahblahblah. It's so quick to start a group! And I know that not all participants are bloggers, so it's a place to check in, share, post photos, and ask questions -- if you wish. It's optional!!


Away we go!

It looks like there might be 8 of us (so far) taking the leap! I'm the laid-back queen, so y'know, this is going to be a loosely run ship -- it's all about FUN (and knitting)!!


It was really nice to dive into this project over the weekend. I was thinking that I wanted to get a start on it before we leave for vacation because it might not come along... but who knows!

Big news over the weekend was the finish of a big ol' sweater!

On Friday, I soaked and pinned it out to block...


That's four layers of damp bulky knitting in some places and Saturday was the Bang Out deadline, so...


I tied my blocking mat to my drying rack and set it in front of a heat register overnight!

That did the trick. I sewed it up on Saturday and voila!


I have a whole bunch of terrible selfie bedroom photos! I wore it yesterday while running a few errands with Kate, thinking that I'd get her to take a few better ones... heh. Maybe later today. A proper FO post and details to come...


Takin' a Leap! Care to KAL?

In a little email exchange yesterday, blog reader kayT had a BRILLIANT idea! And I thought that Leap Day was the perfect day to launch. No time like the present.

Kay also has a Nightshift Kit ready to go, and noticed that others... ahem, Robby... expressed interest in knitting one (and I know there are others) (Bonny, for one). Perhaps there are others amongst us!

Maybe it's been on the back burner, or you just took delivery of a kit from Briar Rose Fibers after Kym's feature of dyer Chris Roosien last week (me me me), or you're thinking of ordering one, or you have a collection of worsted weight to play with (you need 150 yards each of six colors)...

Whatever the case, let's take a leap and KAL!


KAL details are still in formulation (because I've been busy Banging Out My Main Squeeze today) (squee! it's done!!), but the Knit-Along starts NOW and will end on Victoria Day, which falls on May 18th this year. It's only Victoria Day in Canada, I know, but it's almost always on my calendars and I used to live in Toronto when I was little and my name is Victoria... but I never have the day off! So, there you go. Let's celebrate and do some knitting!

Join us? Anytime! I'm going to cast on tonight.